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Candle Ritual Kit
Candle Ritual Kit
Candle Ritual Kit

Candle Ritual Kit

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This candle ritual kit was created to help you connect and give thanks to Mother Earth. 

Being connected and conscious about nature is our normal state but so many of us don’t spend nearly enough time with Mother Earth. We can't separate ourselves from her. Earth is the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink. She is all that supports us and sustains life. So we hope to inspire you to intentionally connect more with her.

You will receive:

*3 - Ritual Candles (orange, brown, green) + holder ($5)

*The Woods anointing oil ($20) from Soapy Layne - Perfect for dressing your candles or apply it to your skin to honor Mother Earth and inspire connection.

*Garden Fairie Herb Pouch ($8) from Sacred Spaces - Roll your candles in this herb blend after applying the anointing oil or offer the herbs to the earth during your ritual. 

Create you own earth ceremony with this ritual kit. If you want to, say the incantation below during your candle ritual:

“Mother Earth is our home and she provides me with everything I need in order to live this life. I am made of the very fabric of Gaia and I go with her cycles. She provides me with nourishment, oxygen and energy. Thank you Mother Earth for your blessings.”