June affirmation/theme: "I AM listening to my intuitive self. I trust my feelings & insights"

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June sneak peeks

Green Aventurine Rune Set $18. The word rune simply means mystery, whisper or secret & is a form of divination that’s used to help gain insight into situations or questions. The runic alphabet traditionally holds 24 letters & a blank stone that is meant to symbolize that which is not meant to be known yet. Using runes is a great way to tap into your intuition, access your inner voice & perform divination. There are many different types of rune layouts, starting with a simple 1-rune pull or 3-rune casting similar to Tarot spreads. The most popular way to cast runes is to hold the pouch in your non-dominant hand & think about the question you want answered as you pull out runes with your dominant hand, placing them in the shape of whichever layout you’ve chosen to do.

This box features 6 magical items, an affirmation card, meditation & practical tips to help you tap into your intuition & learn to trust it. Your intuition is a powerful thing! It is more than just a gut feeling or a passing thought, It is a part of who we are. It's that gentle push we feel to take a certain path & it’s that pit in our stomach that warns us when somethings off. But so many of us aren’t tapping into our intuition & using it in the way that we should. If you know how to harness the power of your own intuition, you can use it to become more magnetic & to draw more positive people, situations & opportunities into your life. It's time to start activating your own intuition & listening to that powerful spirit inside of you!

June Box

Brass Charcoal Burner $15 + Divination Herbal Blend $8. This blend was created with herbs and spices linked with divination and the Third Eye chakra in mind. It contains a mix of garden grown, wild crafted, and hand-prepared ingredients. Many of the herbs are home grown or are wild picked in Aurora, CO. This blend is great to burn during meditation, setting intentions or using any divination tools, including the green aventurine rune set, pendulum, tarot or oracle cards. The brass burner is specifically designed to work with charcoal disks (which we also included) and resin incense or herbal blends. Just add the divination blend a pinch at a time and enjoy!

How it works

1. You choose your subscription

Our premier spiritual subscription box starts at $39.99/month. Cancel anytime. We also have prepaid 3, 6, 12 month discounted plans.

2. We curate & ship your box

Each box contains 5-7 quality items hand picked to nurture your spirit and enhance your spiritual practice. All items are cruelty-free! Boxes ship via USPS around the 11th.

3. You receive Spiritual Goodies

Discover everything you need to grow your "spiritual toolbox". Share pictures using hashtag #spiritual_goodies and you could receive a FREE box!

What's inside the box?

Spiritual Growth Tools & Ritual Items

Aromatherapy & Crystals

Jewelry & Clothing

Healing Bath & Body Products

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Monthly Benefits


5-7 quality items plus affirmation card (also used as the monthly theme) to improve your self-esteem and help focus your thoughts and energy


Detailed insert with beneficial info and practices like: crystal properties and uses, meditations, ritual info, journal prompts. Plus suggestions on how to incorporate items into your spiritual practice


Discover new spiritual teachers that will provide you with additional knowledge and skills to enhance your life. Examples include: podcasts, worksheets, videos, trainings, private facebook groups


Spiritual mentor box, providing you the products, tools and tips you need to nurture your spirit and bring more joy and positivity into your life

Love from our subscribers

Hi! I just received my first box. I have to say, I knew what came in it, but when I opened it, I was blown away. Not only the amount of "goodies" but the high quality!! The handwritten note was very thoughtful.


I just received my box and I LOVE IT!! I opened it up, it smelled so yummy. Everything about it was just awesome as is your customer service. I will definetly be keeping this box. I loved the card so personable.


Absolutely LOVE the 2 boxes I have received so far! The products are great quality and packaged very well. (The box they are shipped in is cute too!) There is a nice description included of each product and how to use them. And a monthly affirmation card. Cannot wait for my next box! 


Everything that I received in this box was amazing!! It was packaged extremely well, and the descriptions and directions were on point. Everything was high quality and very helpful to my spiritual journey! I'm so happy and grateful for everything. Thank you!!


Omg I can’t get over how awesome this box is! If you're new to raising your vibe, no worries there is guidance in how to utilize the items for your higher self. I feel that every item has been touched with amazing energy, lovvvvvveeee IT! 


Wow! I am blown away with the customer service. You really have gone above and beyond. She loved the box so much and she will be so appreciative of the replacement. A few people have asked about the box and I will be sure to recommend it to them! 


I received my first box and loved everything in it....I am soooo looking forward to all my spiritual goodies in future boxes to come!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Bobbi Ann

Besides this being the most amazing subscription box I have ever received, it couldn’t have come at a better time. This box is a healer’s friend and a light workers recharge box. It’s filled with so much healing, self care, spiritual tools, beauty, love, and light!! This is a spiritual alignment treat to yourself! 


I just want to let you know that what you’re doing is great and I really enjoy ordering from you. I’m REALLY happy with the things I have received. I love it. It always puts a smile on my face, thank you.