January affirmation/theme: "I Honor my Spirit and the Divine within me"

Past Boxes

Each month you will receive carefully selected items that align with a new affirmation/theme. See below for our past boxes!


December 2021 - "I AM open to the magic of nature spirits and sacred realms"


November 2021 - "I Breathe out the past and Breathe in the present"


October 2021 - "I AM open and ready to attract abundance into my life"


September 2021 - "I AM anchored and connected with Mother Earth"


August 2021 - "The Moon is powerful & connecting with her rhythm, I find wisdom & truth within myself"


July 2021 - "I release all tension from my mind and body"


June 2021 - "I Am listening to my intuitive self. I trust my feelings & insights"


May 2021 - "I use energy healing to raise my vibrations so I can live my best life"


April 2021 - "I now cleanse and release all negative energy. I receive only good blessings from the Universe"


March 2021 - "I open my heart to receive healing and guidance from the Dragon realm"


February 2021 - "I deserve love and affection"


January 2021 - "I harness the power of crystals for healing, divination, and transformation"


December 2020 - "Today I choose to be fully aware of the presence of my Angels"


November 2020 - "I AM open to the magic that each new day brings"


October 2020 - "I Love taking care of myself and the environment"


September 2020 - "I AM calm and relaxed in this moment"


August 2020 - "I AM aligned to my divine purpose & I feel amazing"


July 2020 - "My self care is worth making time for"


June 2020 - "I AM a magnet for money. Prosperity is drawn to me"


May 2020 - "I AM grounded and strong. The energy of the earth flows through me" 


April 2020 - "I use Tarot as a tool to connect with my higher self & tap into my intuition"


March 2020 - "I raise my vibrations with each word, thought and action"


February 2020 - "I AM grateful for my vivid, fun, and exciting dreams"


January 2020 - "I AM open and ready to connect with my Spirit Animal"



December 2019 - "I easily attract everything that I desire"


November 2019 - "I AM kind and compassionate to myself and others"


October 2019 - "Breathing deeply brings me peace"


September 2019 - "I embrace my inner Goddess, I love and honor myself"


August 2019 - "I AM divinely protected with the power to repel all negativity"


July 2019 - "My Heart Chakra is empowered by Love"


June 2019 - "I have the power to achieve any goal I desire"


May 2019 - "I am open to receiving guidance in unexpected ways"


April 2019 - "With every breath, I release the anxiety within me and become more calm"


March 2019 - "I am beautiful, strong and capable of anything"


February 2019 - "I have the power to create all the success and prosperity I desire"


January 2019 - "I express my truth with confidence and ease"