June affirmation: "I allow my life to be a free flow of Joy, Creativity & Expression"

Past Boxes

Each month you will receive carefully selected items that align with a new affirmation/theme. See below for our past boxes!


March 2023: "I invite healing, loving energy to enter my sacred space"

Sacred Space Box


Feb. 2023: "I release the day. I am ready to rest"

Sweet Slumber Box


Jan. 2023: "I confidently and fearlessly believe in myself"

Solar Plexus Box



Dec. 2022: "There is so much in my life to Celebrate" 


Nov. 2022: "I release all stress and anxiety. I choose to feel good instead"


Oct. 2022: Everyday, I AM transforming myself into the person I want to be"


Sept. 2022: "My Heart is fully open, loving and pure"


Aug 2022: "Divine protection surrounds me like a shield of love & light"


July 2022: "I express myself with Clarity and Confidence"


June 2022: "I recognize synchronicities & magical moments in everyday life"


May 2022: "I embody Goddess energy. I am confident, capable & courageous"


Apr 2022: "The Universe always has my back"


Mar 2022: "I AM Wise, Intuitive & connected to my Inner Guidance"


Feb 2022: "I Love myself & I AM Worthy of being Loved"


Jan 2022: "I Honor my Spirit and the Divine within me"