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Past Boxes

Each month you will receive carefully selected items that align with a new affirmation/theme. See below for our past boxes!


May 2024: "I am connected to the Divine energy of each moon phase"

Moon Magic Box


April 2024: "I love myself & I attract positivity"

Elevate Box


March 2024 "I am blooming into the best version of myself"

Bloom Box


Feb. 2024: "I am constantly doing things that make me happy. Feeling good is my first priority"

Winter Blues Box


Jan. 2024: "I am ready to live a better life"

New Year New Me box


Dec. 2023: "I feel deeply calm & relaxed"

Cozy Vibes box


Nov. 2023: "I am eternally grateful for all the blessings in my life"

Gratitude box


Oct. 2023: "Every day I feel more connected to my Spirit"

Sacred Connection Box


Sept. 2023: "With the help of my Crystal allies, I amplify the energy of my intentions"

Crystal Magic Box


August 2023: "I welcome peace & harmony into my life every day"

Harmony Box


July 2023: "I am vibrating at the highest frequency"

Raise Your Vibration Box


June 2023: "I allow my life to be a free flow of joy, creativity & expression"

Sacral Chakra Box


May 2023: "I am so loved and supported by the Angelic realm"

Angel Guidance Box


April 2023: "I am top priority in my life"

Me Time Box


March 2023: "I invite healing, loving energy to enter my sacred space"

Sacred Space Box


Feb. 2023: "I release the day. I am ready to rest"

Sweet Slumber Box


Jan. 2023: "I confidently and fearlessly believe in myself"

Solar Plexus Box