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DIY Creativity Spell Jar
DIY Creativity Spell Jar
DIY Creativity Spell Jar

DIY Creativity Spell Jar

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This creativity jar is perfect for when you’re feeling stuck, non-creative and need some inspiration. It can help you develop new ideas and be free from creative blocks. When you create a spell jar you're simply bottling your intention as a way of calling in what you desire. It's as simple as that. Your creativity kit contains: a spell jar, pentacle charm, twine, tag, palo santo, various herbs/flowers and carnelian chips.

Orange peel: boosts positive energy. It helps you when feeling down, supports the confused in finding direction, and gives new life to spiritual desires.

Cinnamon chips: can be used to consecrate your spaces or magical tools. Known to stimulate your spiritual powers and increase your psychic ability. invokes lust and is considered an aphrodisiac. Can bring you luck and draw money to you,

Rosemary: helps to improve focus and memory, fight against brain fog, and help you find mental clarity. 

Jasmine flower: used to calm the nerves, reduce anxiety, promotes love, sexuality and creativity. It encourages you to live in the present moment, balances hormones and promotes wholeness within the self.

Calendula petals: promotes a positive and sunny outlook. Often used in love magic or as an aphrodisiac. A wonderful herb for manifestation and it brings protection to those who use it.

Rose buds: helps soften our energy and open us up to love. A symbol of confidence and innocence, it reminds us to live from the heart, see the beauty around us & embrace each moment. 

Carnelian: provides clarity and sparks natural human curiosity. This crystal helps with unlocking creativity and assists in the expression of your inner emotions.

**This is a DIY kit, so you will be setting your own intention and assembling your own spell jar. The pictures show what your jar may look like once the ritual is completed**