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The Cyclic Nature Within

During life, we will all face difficult times that call for changes. Living is, in large part, facing adversity and transforming our consciousness. Change is the basic law of nature and is inevitable.

As we are part of this nature, we can say that the same applies to us as human beings. So, when we look at nature outside and inside us, we can learn a lot about the power of change.

Nature is Cyclical

Everything in nature is cyclic and moves from energies of expansion and contraction. We see this movement by observing the cycles of the Moon, the planets, the tides, the seasons, and the life-death-life cycles of all living beings on this earth, which grow, reproduce, die, and continue life.

And if you think about it, life and death are polarities of the same force - one cannot live without the other. Both are part of inner growth and development.

Demystifying death is also understanding that at each end of a cycle, we will need to let go of versions that we were, let them die, and make room for the new. And this death will bring fertilizer to life, bringing with it maturation and growth.

The principal key to transformation is surrender. Give up the resistance and let go of the struggle it causes. Once we accept and work with transitions, we open the door to finding true strength through change.

Changing Seasons

The change of seasons is a perfect example to reflect on how external and cyclic nature influences us internally. So, let's bring some aspects that you can incorporate into your life by observing and being aware of these transformations in the external world.

  • Autumn: This season is an invitation to let go of everything that needs to change. Just as trees let their leaves fall, it's time for you to let go and make room for what is essential in your life. These leaves fall to nourish the soil, showing that as we let go, we mature and nurture our own journey.
  • Winter: This season marks the height of the darkness and retreat that precedes an expansion. It can be seen as a necessary reassessment of our entire trajectory, a place of introspection where we carefully choose what will stay with us to nurture what we want in this rebirth.
  • Spring: This season brings the energy of rebirth and flowering, marking a new beginning. After a time of introspection, now is the time to open up to the world: being in balance with who you are and being ready to put yourself in the world with more flow and openness.
  • Summer: This season represents the apex of harvest and celebration. It is a time of greater receptivity to the outside world, reap the results of everything you planted in the other seasons. Embrace abundance, expand, and celebrate life.

See Life as a Spiral of Transformation

Although cycles are loops, they never return to the same place. No winter is the same as another winter. So even when we struggle to see, nature reminds us that movement is life, and that we are constantly changing and evolving.