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New Moon in Virgo: What to Expect

This September new moon took place on Monday the 6th and may have us feeling a little bit all over the place in our day to day life. However, it is possible for you to take this energy and use it to find yourself feeling more grounded and present.

What is a New Moon?

The new moon represents the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This is an amazing time to sit down, reflect and think about what you wish to attract in your life. It’s a really great time to start new habits and manifest things into your life.

Here’s a meditation you can try out:

Take a moment to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Imagine fresh moon energy flowing into your soul. Visualize it flowing from your head and down to your toes. Feel this new energy guiding you to take the journey inward and attract what you wish to be or feel. 

The sky is dark during a new moon (there is no moon in the sky at all), which symbolizes the unknowing of what’s to come, being ok during a period of uncertainty, the need to go within, and to remove ourselves from the fast changes of the world. A new moon is a blank canvas just waiting to be filled by your inspiration, dreams and goals. We have the power to create and plant our seeds of intention for the beautiful cycle that is to come.

What Does it Mean for the New Moon to be in Virgo?

When the new moon is in the sign of Virgo, it is important to stay grounded and connected to the earth during this time and the virgo energy makes it easy to do this! We may find ourselves seeking adventure, wanting to try new things, and trying to create more positive changes in our lives. There is also more profound energy guiding us to connect with our inner child by guiding us to explore habits or attitudes we obtained in our childhood that no longer serve us now.

 As New Moons are a time of calling things in, we can use this moon energy to journal, meditate, manifest and dive deep into our acquired blocks and baggage. These practices allow us to become aware of trauma’s and feelings we may not have been aware of and identify their demeanor in our lives. Sometimes just becoming aware of these things can be an invitation to bring healing into your life. Overall, this Virgo New Moon sends mixed energy waves that may trigger past experiences, but this allows us to identify what we need to do to invite healing and growth into our lives. Emotionally we may feel scattered or even overwhelmed. However, Virgo is the sign of the virgin which represents knowing that we are always whole. We are the entire Universe manifesting in a human body. Allow yourself to feel connected to Source energy within and all around you. Use this power to bring growth and new habits into your life and break any cycles that no longer need to be present in your life.

New Moon in Virgo Ritual

You will need:

  • Aura cleansing tool of choice (i.e., herb sticks, incense, bells, singing bowls, etc.)
  • A place to meditate
  • Pen and Paper 
  • Candle
  • Cup of Herbal Tea (ready to drink)


1.) Start by cleansing your aura and surroundings using your aura cleansing tool. As you cleanse your aura, recite the following: “Every day I love myself just a little more. Every day I work to release and let go of my stress. I support my body by cleansing and releasing all that blocks me, all that triggers me, all that keeps me in fear. I feel light, and I feel open. I know I am love. My energy is protected and clear. Thank you.”

Next, cleanse your surroundings. As you cleanse your surroundings, recite the following: “I use the power of love and light to cleanse and protect my space. This space is a magnet for joy and happiness. My space is cleansed, my space is protected. Thank you.”

2.) Light your candle and sit somewhere comfortable with your journal and pen. 

Journal on the following: Identify something you feared as a child. How did that fear make you feel? Where do you think the anxiety came from? Now, think about how those feelings continue to manifest or show up today in your life. Aim to come up with at least 3-5 things to list out. Note down any insights.

3.) Allow yourself time to process or digest what has come up while you sip on your tea. 

4.) When you have just a few sips of tea left, hold your mug in both hands and recite the following: “I ask to connect with my Higher Self and my spirit guides to receive healing of my inner child. May my inner child feel loved. May my present self feel loved, supported, and held. I ask for support in gently healing. May this healing flow my way in all the ways that I am ready for it to. Thank you.”

Then take the final sips of your tea. And blow out your candle. 

Your ritual is complete! Feel free to reflect on any thoughts and feelings that came up through this ritual in your journal. New Moon Blessings to you!