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Lunar Legacies: How the Moon Phase at Your Birth Shapes Your Inner World

Around the world, ancient cultures and spiritual traditions have always stared at the night sky and wondered about our connection to the galaxies and the stars.

The Moon especially has been a source of inspiration and contemplation for many years. Today, astronomers, biologists, and agriculturists still study how the Moon influences life on Earth.

However, the Moon may influence more than just physical processes and natural rhythms. According to ancient wisdom, it can impact our personalities, emotions, and moods.

 This article will explore how the Moon plays a major role in defining who we are, depending on which moon phase we saw during our birth.

 How does the Moon influence us?

The Moon has a significant influence on life on Earth, from tides, time, circadian rhythms, and even the migration and reproduction of many animals.

Many farmers use the moon phases as a guide to plant their seeds, prune, harvest, etc.

Similarly, it exerts an influence on our emotions and inner selves. According to traditional astrology, it influences our intuition, feelings, habits, instincts, and many other aspects of our beings. But astrologers not only study the moon but also examine how the moon phases influence us.

Each moon phase has a specific energy. We can tune into the frequency of each phase and harness it through rituals and spiritual practices. However, the moon phase we were born under bestows us some of our personal traits and unique energy.

How to calculate which moon phase you were born under

The easiest way to determine your moon phase is to use an online calculator and insert your birth date. It will automatically calculate it for you.

 If you desire to do it yourself, you can use your natal chart. Check the distance between the Moon and the Sun in degrees:

  • If the Moon is 0 to 45 degrees from the Sun, you were born under a new moon.
  • If the Moon is 45 to 90 degrees from the Sun, you were born under a Waxing crescent moon.
  • If the Moon is 90 to 135 degrees from the Sun, you were born under a first quarter moon.
  • If the Moon is 135 to 180 degrees from the Sun, you were born under a waxing gibbous moon.
  • If the Moon is 180 to 225 degrees from the Sun, you were born under a full moon.
  • If the Moon is 225 to 270 degrees from the Sun, you were born under a waning crescent moon.
  • If the Moon is 270 to 315 degrees from the Sun, you were born under a last quarter moon.
  • If the Moon is 315 to 360 degrees from the Sun, you were born under a waning gibbous moon.

Once you know the moon phase of your birth date, you can study its meaning and influence.

The Meaning of Each Moon Phase

After calculating the moon phase you were born under, you can use it to know more about your traits and what each moon phase brings to your identity.

New Moon: Adventurous, Creative, Intuitive

The new moon symbolizes new beginnings since it is the time when the Moon starts a new cycle. It is the best moment to practice manifestation rituals, setting intentions, and planting a seed for this moon cycle.

People born under this phase are adventurous since the new moon empowers them to achieve their dreams. This celestial event of manifestation awards them with the energy to do so, making them creative individuals,

Moreover, during this phase, the night sky goes almost dark since there is no moonlight. It inspires us to make an inner journey, perfect for introspection. This makes people born under the new moon intuitive and connected to their spirits.

Besides, being born during a new moon means these individuals have an astrological sun-moon conjunction, which means a perfect harmony between the inner and outer worlds. 

During this phase, we connect with the archetype of the Shaman/Witch, a time for magic and intuition.

Waxing Crescent: Productive, Independent, Ambitious

The waxing moon relates to the Maiden archetype, with a young spirit and the ability to achieve anything. It is a time for making our dreams a tangible reality.

The initial phase of the waxing moon, called the waxing crescent, gives us that initial boost to achieve our goals. People born under this phase are energetic and ambitious, focused on creating their dream life. This active energy makes them independent and achievers, enthusiastic for more.

First quarter: Go better, Capable, Strong

The first quarter awards us more moonlight and therefore, more creative energy to achieve.

Individuals born under this phase are highly effective individuals with the power to manifest anything. Their energetic style makes them resilient and able to do things better than they have done before.

Waxing Gibbous: Perfectionist, Motivated, Nurturing

The waxing gibbous is the most powerful aspect of the crescent moon.

All this power makes people born under this phase highly motivated individuals yearning to accomplish anything they set their minds to. However, being overachievers can lead them to be perfectionists to some extent.

On the other hand, the waxing gibbous gives them nurturing attributes, so they always look after those around them. They are also great communicators and extroverts.

Full Moon: Emotional, Impulsive, Free Spirit

The full moon shows us the Moon at its peak. It represents the end of a cycle, a time to reap what you sow. It’s a moment of celebration to harvest triumphs and see the results of your manifestation.

This moon phase is associated with the Mother archetype: nurturing, sensitive, and a giver of life. The energies are dynamic and associated with the external world and fertility.

Full moons are the climax of the Moon cycle: they end quickly but harness tons of energy. As a result, individuals born under this phase are emotional and impulsive, just as this phase is like a whirlwind that brings a burst of excitement and then leaves.

Moreover, people born during this moon phase have a Sun-Moon opposition, which implies an incongruence between the inner and outer worlds, the mind and the heart. They often carry this inner conflict and need to transcend it.

Waning Gibbous: Knowledgable, Self-Aware, Old-Soul

The waning moon represents the archetype of the Enchantress, the wisdom of the Eldress. The energies start to go inward, inviting introspection and self-reflection. Similarly, those born under this moon are inward-looking.

In the case of people born under the waning gibbous, they also embody this archetype. They are knowledgeable as the Enchantress and wise as old souls. They feel comfortable going within, being self-aware, and becoming conscious of their spirit. 

Last Quarter: Sentimental, Attached, Loyal

The moonlight starts to decrease, and parallelly, the energy focuses on going inward even more. This makes individuals born under this phase closer to their emotions and inner world.

In contrast to the waxing moon, which focuses on productivity and the energy is all over the place, the waning moon is more stable and grounded. This trait makes waning-moon natives more loyal and attached.

Waning Crescent: Imaginative, Insightful, Visionary

During the waning crescent (the final phase of the cycle) the Moon almost shows us its dark side. The energy is increasingly turning inward, and with the cycle almost over, it invites us to dream about the seeds we want to plant for the next cycle. It is a perfect time for spiritual practices and connection with imagination.

Those born under a waning crescent are more likely to be in touch with spirituality and higher realms. They are dreams and idealists who constantly engage in contemplation and often forget about the physical world.


Final Thoughts

The Moon has accompanied humanity since the beginning of time. It plays a major role in the cycles of nature and the processes of life. Moreover, it also influences our inner worlds and emotional makeup.

Once you understand the influence of the moon phase you were born under, study it and analyze what it means for you. This is one of the many tools ancient wisdom brings us to get to know ourselves at a spiritual level.