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Five Tips To Relieve Stress During The Holidays

The holidays are when you can connect with family and friends and get into the festive spirit so you can enjoy parties, lots of good food, giving and receiving gifts. However, there is also a downside to this festive season: it can be incredibly stressful. There is stress from the grief of not spending this festive season with a loved one who passed earlier in the year or became estranged. Even if that is not the case, stress can result from other causes. If you have young kids, the holiday can be stressful, or if you are hosting parties, the same applies. You get the idea! Yes, holidays can be both fun and stressful. Now, let's review five tips to release stress during the holidays.


There is one proven method to keep yourself calm during the holiday season, and that is by utilizing aromatherapy. If you expose yourself to soothing scents, that will not only help lower your anxiety, but it will help you sleep. The aromas you want to utilize for aromatherapy are bergamot, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, geranium, chamomile, rose, vetiver, orange blossom, and ylang-ylang. You can use a diffuser by filling it up with water, putting a couple of drops of the essential oils of your choice, and allowing it to fill the room with the aroma. You can also light candles with those aromas.

Take A Spiritual Bath

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to take a bath and soak in it for a half-hour or so. However, since the holidays can make life extra stressful, why not make this bath special? First, you can have a spiritual bath. You will want to start the bath, put a little bit of Epsom salt, add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice (lavender is an excellent choice as it is remarkably calming), and you can even toss some flower pedals in it. Next, dim the light if you have a dimmer, shut the light and turn on a nightlight, or shut the light and light some candles on the counter. As you soak in the tub, you will feel the stress removed. You will get out of the tub feeling refreshed.

Spend Time In Nature

Spending time in parks and forests can help relieve stress as you are in touch with mother nature. If you are in an urban area, there should be a close park for you to spend time there if there are no forests near you. Even if it is cold, bundle up as being in outdoors can help reduce cortisol levels and raise the happy brain chemicals. If you don't live near any parks and have the time to drive or use an Uber to one, then take a nice long walk outside. The outdoors can be quite healing.

Do Some Cuddling

Studies have shown that cuddling can help reduce cortisol levels and release oxytocin which can help lower heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, cuddling can reduce stress. If you have a pet, cuddle your pet; if you are with a special someone, spend a night cuddling together as you watch a movie. Or, if you live alone without a pet, cuddling a stuffed animal or a pillow can have the same effect.

Say "No"

One common issue that can lead to high-stress levels does not have firm boundaries. You may find that people may ask you to do things you want to avoid doing during the holidays. Whether you are encouraged to eat too many desserts at a party when you are trying to watch your waistline, if the family is asking too much of you for various reasons, or if someone is pressuring you to host a holiday party and you don't want to do any of those things - say "no." Having boundaries will help relieve stress!


Applying these tips during the holidays to help relieve stress will be a more manageable festive season! So stay healthy, and have a joyful holiday!