November affirmation/theme: I Breathe Out The Past And Breathe In The Present"

Tigers Eye Charging Plate

Tigers Eye Charging Plate

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Orgones are powerful tools that cleanse the space of negative energies and fill it with new, fresh energy. They are perfect for energizing your water, food, flowers or your environment. By consuming water and food that has been cleansed with orgonite energy, you can restore your health, vitality and well-being. Orgones can also recharge your sacred tools and crystals. Put this plate near your computer to help transmute EMFs and create a healthy energy in your workspace.

Tigers Eye has the power to focus the mind, helping you to resolve problems unclouded by emotions. Particularly useful for dispelling fear and anxiety. Tigers Eye stabilizes mood swings, fills you with willpower, courage and releases tension.

**You will receive 1 charging plate. Created with resin, Tigers eye crystal chips, copper shavings and a copper coil in the middle. Measures a little over 3 inches.**