November affirmation: "I release all stress and anxiety. I choose to feel good instead"

Mother Earth Box

Mother Earth Box

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September affirmation: "I AM anchored and connected with Mother Earth"

This box features 7 magical items, an affirmation card, an earth ceremony and tips to help you re-connect and give thanks to Mother Earth. Retail value is $86.
Being connected and conscious about nature is our normal state but so many of us don’t spend nearly enough time with Mother Earth. We can't separate ourselves from her. Earth is the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink. She is all that supports us and sustains life. So with this box we want to inspire you to intentionally connect more with her. 

1. Moss Agate Leaf $15
2. Green Onyx Offering Bowl $15 from @kheopsinternational
3. Altar Spoon $6
4. Ritual Candles (Brown, Orange, Green) + Holder $5 from @kheopsinternational
5. Tree of Life Altar Tile $15 from @rappjewels
6. The Woods Annointing Oil $20 from @soapylayne
7. The Little Book of Nature Blessings $15