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Moon Phase Intention Board

Moon Phase Intention Board

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This wooden moon phase board contains the 8 phases and intention setting reminders for each one engraved on the front.
🌝 New Moon - I set my intention
🌚 Waxing Crescent - I feel my intention, relax, breath
🌝 First Quarter - I take action that supports my intention
🌚 Waxing Gibbous - I trust the universe will help focus my intention
🌝 Full Moon - I release what no longer serves me and that prevents my intention from manifesting
🌚 Waning Gibbous - I see more clearly my intention coming into its perfect form
🌝 Third Quarter - I receive my intention in its true form
🌚 Waning Crescent - I give thanks to the universe, rest, reflect and restore

Each phase of the moon’s cycle brings with it special energy that you can use to enhance various aspects of your life. Place a stone on the current Moon phase as a reminder of what actions you need to take to manifest your goals and desires. This board also serves as a crystal grid, place another stone in the middle, to amplify your intentions. I recommend rainbow moonstone, clear quartz or selenite.