May Affirmation (theme): "I am open to receiving guidance in unexpected ways"

January 2019
January 2019

January 2019

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January 2019 affirmation/theme: "I Express My Truth With Confidence and Ease". This box is centered around the throat chakra which is associated with self expression, speaking your truth, creativity and communication! 

1. 5th Throat Chakra Tea ($8.99) by @buddhateas 
2. Throat Chakra Necklace ($27) by 
3. Hamsa Healing Daydreamer Notebook ($6.50) by @nikkistrangedesign 
4. Throat Chakra Oil ($18) by @thebalmlady 
5. Blue Om Scarf ($10) by @shopsillyyogi 
6. Open Throat Chakra Little Grid Kit ($9.95) by @spiritwhisperings 
7. Blue Clearing Cushion ($12) by @sacredbalanceart + 2 Raw Sodalite Stones

Our January box has a retail value of $92 and includes suggestions and tips to help heal your throat chakra.