November Affirmation (theme): "I AM open to the magic that each new day brings"

August "Live Your Purpose" Box

August "Live Your Purpose" Box

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August 2020 affirmation/theme: "I AM aligned to my divine purpose and I feel amazing"

This box includes 7 magical items and has a retail value of $98. This month is all about connecting with your passion and joy so you can live a more fulfilled life. We have also included journaling prompts, plus tips and techniques to help you live with purpose, be your best self and lead a life you love.

1. Gemstone Healing Spoon (lepidolite, carnelian, and amethyst) $12 from @rappjewels
2. Lava Stone Keychain with Blue Agate $29 from @goghjewelrydesign
3. Dream Believe Achieve Journal $10 from @inkyinthewild
4. Flow Intention Tealights $10 from @solsticeshoppe
5. Journey Ritual Oil Roller $12 from @solsticeshoppe
6. Amethyst OR Clear Quartz Pendulum $15 from @kheopsinternational
7. Goddess Pendulum Board $12 from YantraWoodCraft