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7 Chakra Stone Set
7 Chakra Stone Set

7 Chakra Stone Set

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These seven crystals have been specifically chosen to work with each of the seven Chakras.

1) Crown Chakra / Clear Quartz: For spiritual and mental clarity. 2) Third Eye Chakra / Amethyst: Offering wisdom, healing and protection. 3) Throat Chakra / Lapis Lazuli: For self-expression and communication. 4) Heart Chakra / Green Aventurine: For emotional comfort and healing. 5) Solar Plexus Chakra / Tigers Eye: Promoting success and self-confidence. 6) Sacral Chakra / Carnelian: To inspire and give support for all new ventures. 7) Root Chakra / Red Jasper: Grounding, energizes and strengths your boundaries.

How to place Chakra stones on your body. Starting at the root chakra, place each crystal on the associated chakra:

Red Jasper goes on your pelvic area.

Carnelian about 2 inches below your belly button.

Tigers Eye about 2 inches above your belly button.

Green Aventurine goes in the middle of your chest at heart level.

Lapis Lazuli goes on your throat.

Amethyst in between your brows.

Clear Quartz gets tucked right against the top of your head.

**You will receive 7 Chakra cubed stones, each one measures approximately 1/2 inch**