January Affirmation (theme): "I AM open and ready to connect with my Spirit Animal"

August "Protection" Box

August "Protection" Box

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Our August affirmation/theme:

"I AM divinely protected with the power to repel all negativity".

This box includes 5 products and has a retail value of $72. All the items picked this month are handmade with love and positive intentions to help protect your energy and dispel negativity. As always, we have included additional tips to help you stay aligned with this months affirmation. 
1. Evil Eye Protection Bracelet ($28) from Meraki Design Tribe
2. Protection Little Grid Kit ($9.95) from Spirit Whisperings  
3. Cell Phone Orgonite® Orgone ($11.11) from Elemental Orgone
4. Spell Kit for Protection ($13) from Lightclub Curiosity Shoppe
5. Circle of Protection Lotion ($9.50) from The Madame Phoenix