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Self Love Box
Self Love Box
Self Love Box

Self Love Box

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February affirmation: I love myself and I am worthy of being loved.

This box includes 7 magical items, an affirmation card, meditation, rituals and practical tips to make yourself a priority!

Learning to love yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life. Your heart is your power and when you become the source of love in your life it changes everything. Your relationships, your career, your health – they all flourish. So, this month we will assist you with cultivating a loving and healthy relationship with yourself! It's time to become your own best friend.

1. Goddess Door Hanging $10
2. Birthday Cake Body Butter $20
3. Self Care Candle with Rose Quartz $15
4. Morning Eye Mask $5
5. Rose Quartz Mushroom Gua Sha $15
6. Rhodonite Palmstone $15
7. Amethyst OR Rose Quartz Heart Necklace $10