September affirmation: "With the help of my crystal allies, I amplify the energy of my intentions" Retail value $100+

Abundance Box
Abundance Box

Abundance Box

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October affirmation: "I AM open and ready to attract abundance into my life"

In order to welcome abundance into your life, you need to align your thoughts, feelings and attitudes with the energy of abundance. This is the energy of optimism, joy, passion and happiness. You need to connect with these energies even if it doesn't seem to be apart of your life at the moment. This box will help you with that! It features 6 magical items, an affirmation card, visualization meditation and useful tips to help you bring more abundance into any area of your life. The retail value is $83+

1. Rose of Jericho & Tigers Eye Stone $11.11 from @cinta_soul
2. Feng Shui Hanging Coin for Wealth $10
3. Pyrite stone $4
4. Ritual Aromatherapy Mini Tin Set $33 from @iamscentered
5. Tigers Eye Charging Plate $10
6. Abundance Bath Teas (3 pack) $15 from @brownsugarvoodoo